Client: Jachtplezier.nl
Platform: CMSimple-XH
Graphic design: Claire Concept

Briefing: Claire designed logo and corporate identity and this needed to be translated to the web. Client wanted to be able to add ‘news’ pages, to edit existing pages (occasionally) and a multi-lingual site (NL, EN & DE). After some research we decided on CMSimple, as it really

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Platform: WordPress
Theme: Patricia Ritsema van Eck

Initially built in html and css in 2004, the site became too big (200 pages now) to manage, so I decided to transfer to WordPress. With the help of Stefan all pages were converted. This is a prime example of using WP as a CMS (Content Management System): WP is primarily used for blogging: the newest

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Client: bemanninggezocht.nl
Developer: Scube
Graphic design: Claire Concept

My role: project management. Translating

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Client & Design: Claire Concept

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Blueprint & jQuery – Case study

I have been working with Stefan for more than two years now and he writes a very useful blog: Divito Design. It’s there that I found a very good post about BluePrint grid – after quite some more reading, I used it to revamp an ‘old’ 2001 site – and wrote an article about how it helped me creating a W3C compliant and browser compatibile site – sharing it with you here: case study – I hope it is as useful to you as Stefan’s article

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Defrosting Cold Cases.com

Vidocq is a pretty smart fellow – as a lawyer he worked for Amnesty International and several police forces. For years he had a problem though: many of the cold cases he was involved with needed more exposure, but with tight budgets and lack of manpower, how do you reach a wider audience? And worse, not being tech-savvy, where do you start online? Your own website? Facebook? A first try at WordPress.com was a bummer: although a great platform for beginners, it was still intimidating – and, a bit restrictive – they do not provide ‘total freedom’ (for good reasons – it’s a free service, and they want to control their environment). Vidocq kept on searching and contacted me: it was his challenge (read: frustration) to get his years of experience and cold cases out to the public!

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