Is TaGXedo the new Wordle?

You have seen them before: word (or tag) clouds. Wordle was the first one (correct me if I’m wrong). I once imported my LinkedIn contacts – and just now my tags: cloudy. Interestingly enough, Wordle is now used by a Dutch scientist to evaluate policy-programs of political parties: based on their wordclouds, he determines what they (claim to) emphasize on (yet even the experts had a hard time guessing which cloud belonged to what party…) – view them here.

The great thing about internet is, it inspires people. Not only to make zillions of wordclouds, but also to expand on existing ideas and concepts. Tagxedo does just that: more options, shapes, more artsy, new technology (MS Silverlight vs. Sun Java) – you can hover over words to see its relative size etc. It’s in beta now and free – they plan to move some options to the not-so-free Pro version, so give it a try as long as it lasts (not sure if that is a viable model though…). UPDATE: read about my mix up and interesting SEO case here

Also, do you think clouds now become too ‘fancy’ – or Wordle being the basic protagonist that will always keep its allure? Actually, I like them both, for different reasons, so I hope they stay around for a while!

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