Client: Jachtplezier.nl
Platform: CMSimple-XH
Graphic design: Claire Concept

Briefing: Claire designed logo and corporate identity and this needed to be translated to the web. Client wanted to be able to add ‘news’ pages, to edit existing pages (occasionally) and a multi-lingual site (NL, EN & DE). After some research we decided on CMSimple, as it really is ‘simple’: data is stored in a html-file that one can download for backup (and edit, in case of emergenices) – so, no MySQL database, no WordPress installation with numerous plugins to be updated regularly and no template/theme needed (.psd slicing): images are just uploaded and used in a single template file (html) – further styling is achieved with a tiny stylesheet.css.
Additional functionality is obtained via plugins (like a graphical menu-manager and script-manager) – I used only a few. SEO can be added per page, banner images are selected per page – just like WP Twenty Ten, they can be swapped easily. There were a few issues in the admin gui, that Holger Irmler assisted me with.

All in all it is pretty straightforward – very well suited for low-maintenance, easily updateable websites – ideal for projects where the client doesn’t need all the (blogging-) functionality that WordPress offers, yet wants to update pages himself with a WYSIWYG-editor (CKEditor is included, but can be replaced).

For further details, just contact me!

www.jachtplezier.nl + CMSimple

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