Platform: WordPress
Theme: Patricia Ritsema van Eck

Initially built in html and css in 2004, the site became too big (200 pages now) to manage, so I decided to transfer to WordPress. With the help of Stefan all pages were converted. This is a prime example of using WP as a CMS (Content Management System): WP is primarily used for blogging: the newest articles/posts appear on the home page and move downward once you add new articles. doesn’t use ‘fluid’ posts, but static pages – usually in a blog only a few pages are static: About, Contact – they can be found in the top menu and hardly ever change. only uses pages like that, as the articles have a permanent character as well: it is about providing information that can be found through the extended menu. In due course a blog-type section might be added (for news snippets), but the core remain those pages.

Although I’m very pleased with the design, to me the ‘boring / intimidating’ stuff under the hood is more important: how will my pages be found? Rather, how well will they rank in the search engines so people can actually visit them? In short, Search Engine Optimisation was a priority and the site has been ranking very well: consistently #2 for the main keyword: Gerbera – resulting in about 600 daily visitors – both professional and private people looking for relevant information.


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