Reading about hacked blogs, back-up hassles, as a WordPress-user/impleMENTOR, you’re constantly looking for a better and safer one-stop solution (I for sure am – and so should you!). Wondering why the great guys at WP don’t beef up WP itself (implementing some plugins that you now install anyway), I ran into this: Vaultpress. Great minds! So, I signed up for the beta, and this is their reply:

“Your application bits are now stored safely in The Vault. Soon we’ll start a pseudo-random process of picking tickets. When yours is is chosen we’ll send a magic link that will allow you to get secure with VaultPress and sleep soundly at night.”

I will keep you posted – whether I am in or not, this is a good thing (unlike WP, it is not free – $30 a month, but I figure that will be money well spent – we’ll see!)

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