This is my professional site and blog. See some of my work here: portfolio. When inspired, I might write an article about WordPress, Windows or the web in general. As I have been developing desktop applications in MS Access for 15 years, you will find some on that as well.  Read more or connect here: LinkedIn

Yup, that is me, lying in the road to Swaziland (no cars where harmed in the making of this picture)

Disclaimer (sort of)

Everything you read here is my opinion©. Biased. Uninformed. Non-academic. But I’m sure you noticed the alt-0169, which means that you are not allowed to steal, borrow or copy my opinions – if you DO use my opinion©, do so at your own risk (as if…). In other words: be original. Form your own opinion. Or comment here and I will tell you why you are wrong. It will make your life easier. However, I will be honored if you link to my stuff opinion©, proving it worthy sharing!

And thank you for stopping by – you’re herewith invited to lie with me in that road.