Sitepoint CSS-live course

Two weeks ago I signed up for this training: CSS Live with Russ Weakley (of MaxDesign).
Why? After dabbling with CSS for years now, I felt there was not a true understanding/foundation – sure, I manage (with the help of an editor), but some things just didn’t work – they should, yet they didn’t… and of course they didn’t make sense at all – “CSS sucks!”. And what the heck are ‘floats’? “I don’t need them, so who cares?”

Yeah well, sooner or later you need to catch up and Sitepoint came up with this offer, so I jumped in. It started slowly (to not scare us away, I presume), but around lesson 8 or 9 I started to feel a bit less confident… I still need to finish a few videos and slideshows, as it took more effort and concentration: CSS can become pretty intense!

The verdict? Worth every penny! Actually, at $9.95 it is a bargain – really: several videos a day, some exercise files, slideshows, support via the forum and 2 teleseminar sessions…

This whole course is excellent reference material as well!

Thank you Russ, thank you Sitepoint!

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